Todd’s challenge: Tell-tale heart (ANSWER KEY)

Imagem: Google Images / Keep Calm O'matic

Imagem: Google Images / Keep Calm O’matic

Está disponível o gabarito das questões exclusivas de inglês, em modelo de 1a fase, sobre o texto Tell-tale Heart, de Edgar Allan Poe, elaboradas pelo professor Todd Marshall*. E aí, como foi o seu desempenho?

Não se lembra do texto? Clique aqui.

Todd’s message:

Anyone who thinks you don’t have to know literature for the Rio Branco exam should take a look at the Christian x Muslim TPS text from last year (very literary in language) and the Portuguese translation from Orwell in the 3rd phase this past year! Don’t push it away … it will come back to haunt you! And speaking of haunting, who has the sharpened sense to fancy Poe mad!? Look forward to seeing who can answer these TPS questions! There is a prize people! 🙂

TPS Questions:

For the first book – inference questions:

 1. Determine if the following statements are true or false.

  1. The accused criminal takes a stance of temporary insanity caused by the neighbor’s vulture-like eye and the hideous beating of his heart. FALSE
  2. The murderer clearly suffers from some form of psychological or physical disturbance, which appears to have pushed him over the edge. TRUE
  3. The assassin showed some form of extrasensory perception in which he could speak with the dead and have out of body experiences in both heaven and hell. FALSE
  4. The killer fulsomely coveted the worldly possessions of his neighbor, so much so that his emotions fully engulfed his very being. FALSE

2. Determine if the following statements are true or false.

  1. The police arrived in the late night hours in response to an accusation of a possible murder. TRUE
  2. The killer received the police officers with a firm composure, for he had concealed the corpse perfectly. TRUE
  3. The old man’s heart continued to beat because he had been buried alive beneath the floorboards. FALSE
  4. The police were the true villains of the story, for they had unmasked the murderer in his own home. FALSE

For the second book – vocabulary questions:

1. In the sentence (p.1): “The disease had sharpened my senses –not destroyed — not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute.”, the terms in bold could best be replaced by:

a. honed / deadened            /            keen <–> correct answer
b. perfected / rounded            /            lively
c. mended / deafened            /            perspicacious
d. tuned / blurred                        /            shrewd
e. enhanced / dampened            /            grave

2. In paragraph 3, the expression “You fancy me mad” means the same as:
a. You would prefer me to be wacky.
b. You may consider my actions to be outrageous.
c. You believe I am infuriated.
d. You have deemed me to be bizarre.
e. You suppose I am nuts. <–> correct answer!

3. The expression “in the wild audacity of my perfect triumph” can best be replaced by:
a. in the rough fearlessness of my textbook accomplishment
b. in the thrilling empowerment of my precise feat
c. in the mad boldness of my impeccable victory <–> correct answer
d. in the placid stillness of my seamless conquest
e. in the daunting impudence of my flawless defeat

Quer melhorar seu desempenho em inglês? Clique aqui e matricule-se já no Curso Maratona – 1a etapa!

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.15.17 PM   * Todd Marshall é professor de Inglês do Curso Maratona – 1a Etapa. Para mais informações sobre Todd, veja este vídeo.


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