Todd’s Challenge: After Smothering the South… (ANSWER KEY)

Hello, hello!

Veja abaixo a ANSWER KEY para o desafio: “After Smothering the South, Snowstorm Cripples the Northeast“.


  1. The cities of Pilot, Atlanta, and Boston have witnessed unprecedented blizzards in the most recent winter storms. – False
  2. Winter storms have ravaged the eastern seaboard of the United States. – True
  3. Speculative warnings have it that the winter storms are expected to linger into the upcoming weeks. – False
  4. The most recent snowstorms are predicted to thrash New England before the onset of the weekend. – True
  5. The harsh conditions of sub-zero weather have been taking their victims in this latest winter adversity. – False
  6. Pregnant women stand a greater chance of fatal accidents due to the winter’s temperatures and icy circumstances. – False
  7. Power outages have blocked airports along the entire eastern coast of the USA. – False
  8. Thousands of airlines were grounded on Friday due to the extreme weather conditions. – False
  9. Mayor Bill de Blasio was publicly lambasted for his decision to ignore the poor weather and keep the city of New York going business as usual. – True
  10. Many local residents of New York City have taken to the internet to call for emergency actions for local schools. – True

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