Todd’s challenge: Prepositions with the Environment

Hello, Hello! So, do you really know prepositions in context? Try this challenge from the WWF advertisement and see if you can find the correct uses of prepositions, gerunds and infinitives! Good Luck! “from the WWF”

1. Fill in the following text focusing on the use of prepositions:


               It is difficult to imagine the sea ever running (1)__________ of fish. It is so vast, so deep, so mysterious. Unfortunately, it is not bottomless. Over-fishing, coupled (2)__________ destructive fishing practices, is destroying the fish and their environment. Destroy the fish and you destroy livelihoods (3)__________ the fishermen who catch them.

            (4)__________ least 60% (5)__________ the world’s commercially important fish species are already over fished, or fished (6)__________ the limit. As a result, governments have had (7)__________ close down some areas (8)__________ sea (9)__________ commercial fishing.

            Big, high-tech fleets ensure that everything in their path is literally hovered over. Anything too small or the wrong thing, is thrown back either dead or dying. That’s an average (10)__________ more than 20 million metric tons every year. When you consider that’s the equivalent to (11)__________ a quarter of the world’s catch, you begin (12)__________ see the size (13)__________ the problem.

            (14)__________ some parts of the world, (15)__________ every 1kg (16)__________ prawns caught by trawlers, up (17)__________ 15kg (18)__________ unsuspecting fish, sea turtles or other marine wildlife die, simply by being in the wrong place (19)__________ the wrong time. (20) __________ the average prawn cocktail, that’s nearly two kilograms of dead wildlife that should be added (21)__________ your bill.

            Admittedly, some countries are beginning to address this problem, but you can see it is vital we find more sustainable ways (22)__________ fishing before every ocean becomes the dead sea.

            If you or your company could help, please contact us. We welcome suggestions and advice. The more fish we get (23)__________ our side, the more chance we have (24)__________ saving the small ones.

                                                              Abridged from Newsweek WWF Advertisement


2. Match the use of the prepositions in the text to the following definitions:

  1. maximum limit: ____________________
  2. proportion: ____________________
  3. combination: ____________________
  4. end/finished: ____________________
  5. description: ____________________
  6. plus/in addition: ____________________
  7. time: ____________________
  8. infinitive of a verb: ____________________
  9. in our favor: ____________________
  10. minimum: ____________________
  11. more than: ____________________
  12. within a larger group: ____________________


3. Grammar Note: Look at all the cases in which a verb follows a preposition. What

form is the verb in? (1) _____________(2) _______________

  • When is the infinitive used? ________________________________
  • When is the gerund used? ________________________________

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