Todd’s recommended reading: Brazil’s Antipoverty Breakthrough

Hello, Hello! Welcome to Todd’s recommended reading! As it is my belief that students need to have constant contact with the English language, but do respect that some simply do not know where to begin, I have decided to try to help. On this note, I will be recommending a weekly reading from now on in an attempt to get you all to read something outside of our normal classroom exercises (although I may use some of these very articles in the CRE/CRQ courses) to help guide you in this search for greater contact with the English language and relevant current events in the world of foreign affairs.

The first article of this series is entitled: “Brazil’s Antipoverty Breakthrough: The Surprising Success of Bolsa Família“. You are all Brazilians, and I am sure many of you have adamant positions on this issue, whether for or against. But the objective of this reading is not merely to reflect upon the pros and cons of Bolsa Família, but rather to view this issue from an outsider’s point of view, in this case, from the American standpoint as presented in Foreign Affairs in its January/February 2016 issue. Try to read this interesting look at the “success” of this antipoverty program and reflect upon the following question: “How does the world see Brazil and its fight against poverty?” Devoid yourself of right and wrong, and focus upon how the world outside of the Brazilian borders views your country. This holistic view can do wonders for your own summary and composition writing! Hope you enjoy it!

bolsa familia


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Todd Marshall é professor de Inglês do Curso Sapientia.

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