Todd’s Challenge: Answer Key

Ready for the answer key to yesterday’s challenge?

Guide to Good Composition Writing

In the past, one reason why IRBr candidates failed the Composition Writing exercise of the 3rd Phase English section was because people simply did not pay close attention to good grammar skills. Up to 2016, if a candidate had 20 or more grammatical errors, he/she was automatically awarded a zero on the composition, practically killing any hope of passing the exam. This is no longer the case.

As of 2017, the scoring logic has been slightly modified. The text must be between 400-450 words in length. The total score is still 50 points, but it is now divided into 25 points for grammar & vocabulary and 25 points for content (there is no longer a vocabulary score per se). The content score is further broken down into three parts:

  • 10 points for coherence (flow and link between ideas);
  • 10 points for content (examples to support the ideas);
  • 5 points for analysis and reflection (introductory thesis statement and outlook on the issue).

In this sense, when organizing and writing a composition text, you should follow a basic framework of:

  • Introduction
  • 2-3 supporting paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Blog Exercise: Keeping the above philosophy in mind, try to organize the main points of the composition topic in an outline form, following the 08 (eight) steps to composition writing as presented below.


Todd Blog

Key Concepts:

  1. Read and circle all the key words in the quote(s) that appear to be relevant to you.

Member of EU – lack of migratory/immigration controls
EU expansion could worsen immigration

  1. Read the composition’s command and determine what should be the main focus of the composition.


In light of the translations and summary, analyze the above quote with regards to the impacts of worldwide immigration upon the present-day principle of a global society. Illustrate your argument with appropriate examples.

  • Focus is on “worldwide immigration” and “global society”, not only the EU
  1. Connect the key word(s) from the quote to the key idea(s) from the command.
  2. Considering the command’s main focus and any key elements from the quote. Write down the key elements from the first three steps in the box below. These will be the information needed to formulate your introduction.
Present the main argument as based on two main points:



5. Choose three main theories that you feel could treat this topic,

Theory 1: Stronger border controls

Theory 2: Free flow of migrants within the EU

6. Now, back these theories up with one solid example for each theory.

Theory 1 – Example: Trump – Wall Building on Mexican Border / Ban on Muslim Countries             

  • Washington Post: “Trump’s immigration order means bureaucrats have to decide who’s a ‘real’ Christian” (Feb. 8, 2017)
  • Foreign Affairs: “Between a Wall and a Hardplace” (March 1, 2017)

Theory 2 – Example: Brexit – avoiding the immigration burden

  • The Economist: “From Brussels with Love” (Feb. 10, 2017)
  • Foreign Affairs: “Pulling the Trigger on Brexit” (March 29, 2017)
Other possible examples:

–       Brazil/USA – economic migration in the late 20th century

–       Africa – Europe – boat people trying to escape economic strife

–       Syria – migration from the rural to the urban – Droughts/Agriculture

–       Afghanistan to – USA War migration – The Kite Runner

7. What conclusion would you draw from all the information that you have presented?

  • Reiterate/Reaffirm the main overall theme of your text (do NOT simply repeat ideas!!)
  • Give an outlook/future perspective on the situation (conditional statements are key to this part)

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